Tobacco technology

Online Flavouring

For online flavouring our customers needed a system that is precise and reliable. Therefore HEINEN KÖHL developed an online flavouring system which is leading the market.

Flavour Application System

Flavouring with Passion

The Flavour Application System -FAS- is the first special unit for single and twin-track filter and cigarette makers. Its high precision pump ensures a homogeneous application of liquid flavours as well as pure menthol – being a fine tool for sophisticated flavour applications. The mobile unit allows utmost flexibility at the production facility and its modular design is easily adaptable to meet our customer´s requirements. The FAS in its concept is set-up to be linked to all types of filter makers and cigarette makers.

Heating System

The heating system of the FAS unit can process flavour types (e.g. menthol), that require heating in order to reach a processable viscosity. It guarantees that all vital components of the unit maintain uniform temperature during production, thus ensuring that the viscosity of the flavour remains constant from tank up to spray nozzle. The heating devices can easily be deactivated for flavour types that have a processable viscosity level at room temperature.

Tank System

The FAS unit is equipped with an external mobile tank with a capacity of about 45 litres. It can be filled and hermetically closed at separate area. The insulated enclosed tank contains a heating system permitting to melt pure menthol offline or during production. The tank is equipped with a quick-plug connection for liquid as well as for electrical supply. Changing the tank can be done without stopping the maker.

  • European Patent EP 2.016.840
  • For Single-Track and/or Twin Track Makers
  • Closed Loop Control System
  • Modular Design
  • No Calibrations necessary
  • ATEX -TÜV Certificate
  • Heating System
  • Big Storage Tank
  • High Precision Dosing System
  • Easy and Efficient Cleaning at Flavour Exchange


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