Tobacco technology

Flavouring and Casing

Different types of flavour and casing are used to give each blend its own unique taste. The flavouring and casing cylinders of HEINEN KÖHL deliver reproducible results in taste.

Flavouring Cylinder

Get the full taste for top product quality

The flavouring cylinder is equipped with a special pin arrangement to provide a uniform tobacco flow and mixing of the tobacco. The cylinder body and all elements that come into contact with tobacco are made of stainless steel. A two substance nozzle (compressed air – flavour) is installed at the infeed plate to spray the flavour onto the tobacco.

A combined unit with pump and tank, including level measuring and flavour pump is located close to the flavour cylinder on a separate frame with integrated control cabinet. The cylinder and the discharge hood are completely insulated against external heat losses.


The HEINEN KÖHL Casing Cylinder ensures the best casing result for leaf tobacco.

For the best casing result we propose to integrate our steaming tunnel upstream of the Casing Cylinder. Optionally the cylinder can be indirectly heated.

The CC will be pre-heated prior the casing process.

A pin arrangement inside the cylinder is loosening the tobacco.

The casing is added by two-substance nozzles. For the precise casing application the casing pump should be controlled by an upstream weigh belt.

Direct driven support rollers ensure a low noise level.

The discharge hood is designed with rounded edges and equipped with water spray nozzles which allows effective cleaning after the process.

A service cubicle with all necessary instruments for the casing process is positioned next to the casing cylinder.

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