Tobacco technology

Feeding Solutions

As the feeding process has nothing to do with separating different sized tobacco particles, HEINEN KÖHL uses the principle of gravity feeding to avoid tobacco degradation.

Gravity Feeder (GF3/GF6)

Feeding without degradation and de-blending

The compact GF-Type with an integrated metering chute allows a smooth dosing of all cut tobacco types serving the pneumatic feeding to cigarette machines or to the MYO filling equipment.

The perfect solution for high speed maker up to 20.000 cpm

The feeder speed is dynamic variable according to the requested of the maker.

Additional features are the large service doors, easy product discharge of the unused tobacco and an integrated blockage detection.

GF3 = max. 3 duct interfaces

GF6 = max. 6 duct interfaces

QuadFeed (QF4)

Free fall feeding

The HEINEN KÖHL QuadFeed QF4 is a gravity feeder performing at high speed and is designed to feed uniformly up to four cigarette makers.

The QuadFeed QF4 is a unique feeder due to the usage of guiding plates with quick configuration response to tobacco demand of the makers connected.

Depending on the activated feeding pipes the plates find the right constellation and so guide the tobacco flow to the pipes.

Vacuum switches are installed for blockage detection.

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