Tobacco technology

Expansion and Drying

Innovative ideas paired with low energy consumption make the expansion and drying solutions of HEINEN KÖHL to the best choice for your efficient production.

Steaming Tunnel

Flexibility and Volume

The steaming tunnel is developed for a gentle and efficient tobacco process.
All main components are made of stainless steel.
The sandwich trough bottom is equipped with a specific numbers of steam spray nozzles.
The motion of the steaming tunnel is generated by the cranked drive mechanism.
A service cubicle with all necessary instruments for the process is positioned next to the steaming tunnel. Suction hoods are installed for taking all off steaming exhaust.

The steaming tunnel is developed for:
  • ST-C    Stem conditioning      up tp 3.000 kg/h
  • ST-E    CRES expansion        up tp 3.000 kg/h
  •             Cut Rag expansion     up to 10.000 kg/h
  • ST-L    Lamina conditioning   up to 8.000 kg/h

TWISTER - Expansion (DCP-E)

The new way of Expansion

The Twister is a compact process unit developed by HEINEN KÖHL for the expansion process of various tobacco products in the PMD.

DCP-E    =    Expansion of Cut Rag, CRES and Cigar Filler

The high efficiency is realized by the rotation of two specially designed star wheels which allows no build-ups or product accumulation inside the Twister.Due to this design, the TWISTER can process even long fiber products without roping.

A special steam injection ensures a perfect product penetration which leads to a highest expansion results in a matter of 3-5 seconds.

The Twister stands for low energy consumption, small footprint and especially for best practice in service and maintenance.

The TWISTER is easy to integrate into existing product lines.

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Steam Heated Drying

Drying with steam

The steam heated co-current drying cylinder comprise double walled paddles for steam heating.

The steam pressure control leads to a very fast and accurate drying temperature.

With the steam heated process air we assure the best drying environment and accurate tobacco moisture at the outlet.

The best filling power result can be achieved with an upstream expansion unit.

We propose our TWISTER DCP-E or our Steaming Tunnel ST-E for highest results.

Optionally the Filter of the exhaust system can be integrated into the dryer.

Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD)

This drying principle is based on up-streaming hot air that flows through the holes of a vibratory conveyor and lets the tobacco hover as a homogeneous fluidized carpet inside the hood. The tobacco looses its moisture to the air and is transported toward the outlet by the vibratory conveyor. The hot air is generated by two energy units - one for each drying section - which can be connected to the dryer in a close or in an open loop.

In the close loop only 20% of the exhaust loaded with water leaves the system while 80% of the air and consequently energy stay inside the system. A vibratory conveyor transports the tobacco in an even layer through two drying zones. In the energy units the process air is cleaned from dust particles and is heated to the requested drying temperature. In addition it guarantees a continuous fresh air supply and a permanent exhaust discharge for perfect water load in the process air.



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