Tobacco technology

Dividing and Slicing

If it comes to accurate and precise dividing or slicing of tobacco bales, HEINEN KÖHL has the right product for your needs.

Bale Divider

Smallest Portion of A Blend / DE

The smallest portion of a blend is half a bale therefore HEINEN KÖHL developed the bale divider. The industrial robot picks the full C48 cases and empties them gently onto an accumulating conveyor after unwrapping and opening. While the empty C48 cases are folded and stacked by the folding device, the tobacco bale is moved to the divider.

The HEINEN KÖHL bale divider fully automatically centres the bale and cuts it vertically in two equal half bales. Each half is then pushed smoothly onto an own stainless steel pallet, equipped with transponder. This makes an automated storage in a high rack silo and a full track & trace functionality possible for further blending.

Vertical Slicer

Even tobacco flow without gaps

The HEINEN KÖHL slicer gently cuts all sizes of tobacco bales into equally slices. It is provided with the latest technical development to create a constant and even tobacco flow for the downstream tobacco process.

The perfect slice length is controlled by a laser sensor system. All kind of tobacco, especially reconstituted Tobacco will be easily sliced. Small Orient bales will be automatically identified and passed through without being sliced.

The knife blade can be replaced easily for maintenance and replacement.

The slicer features a patent design of the cutting table for a perfect support of the tobacco slice.

An even tobacco flow without gaps is guaranteed.

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