Tobacco technology

Case Unpacking

HEINEN KÖHL provides the innovative solutions for the robotized case unpacking process. It’s safe, fast and operator friendly.

Case Unpacking Robot

Smooth Operator for C48 cases

The HEINEN KÖHL case remover consists of an industrial robot equipped with a specially designed gripper, folding & stacking device and conveyors. The patented gripper is of multi-purpose type and combines case clamping, flap covering and turning of the C48 cases. Also telescope type of cartons can be handled.

The robot empties the cases gently onto a flat belt conveyor and then transfers them to the folding & stacking device that automatically flattens and stacks the empty C48 cases on a pallet.
As an option, the pallet can be fed automatically out of a pallet magazine and also be wrapped after loading– right ready for transport.

The combination of the robot and gripper is also able to pick cases stacked in triple stacked height which enables our customers to further optimize their primary logistics process.HEINEN KÖHL has developed the case remover ensuring high operational reliability and flexibility for opening C48 cases with all types of tobacco.

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