Tobacco technology

End of Line Palletizing

The Flexible Pick And Place System

With the special experiences and know-how, HEINEN KÖHL has developed automated systems for the tobacco industry such as end of line palletizing solution

The end of line palletizing solution (EOL) of HEINEN KÖHL is a complex, flexible and reliable installation for fully automated palletizing of shipping cases performed by industrial robots. Such system consists of elements like case handling, robot cell, pallet supply, wrapping, labelling, safety equipment, control system, etc.

The heart of the EOL – the robot cell – picks up the arriving shipping cases from the accumulating conveyor and places them in layers on pallets. Up to four different brands can be handled simultaneously by one robot. The shipping cases can be palletized in 3 or 4 layers with changing pattern to ensure a stable pile by overlapping.

The robot is equipped with a special gripper using both, vacuum and mechanical clamping to ensure a safe conveying of the shipping case. That also increases the precision of the case placement on the pallet.

The shuttle cart or pallet conveyors bring the full pallets to an automatic wrapper and label applicator, where after the wrapped and labelled pallets leave EOL towards stock or commissioning area.
A special attention is given to the safety of the system which guarantees that no unintended accident can happen during the operation of the robot.

Several robot cells can be controlled from one master system. Along with the visualisation software HEINEN KÖHL also provides all necessary interfaces to the factory production database, ERP or T&T system.

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