Tobacco technology

Bin Handling

Flexible bin handling solutions

HEINEN KÖHL offers various flexible bin handling systems which contain different components and thus can be properly adapted to the building’s restrictions and to the process’ requirements.
Besides standard solutions for the logistics of bins, the bins can be handled via distribution cart, pile handling system or automated guided vehicle (AGV).

The stacking device of the bins is designed for fast stacking and de-stacking. Each stacking device can be equipped with a lid handling system which will automatically take off or close the lid of the stacked bins.

To reduce dust emission and product degradation bin tipping will be supported by slow back moving of bins enabling product pouring.

The tobacco will be stored in standard wooden bins which are normally equipped with an RFID chip that allows flawless tracking and control by the KÖHL WMS (warehouse management system). Even dedicated bins can be managed with our bin handling system.

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