Robotic Systems

Control systems and software

Programming productivity and managing for success

User-friendly ergonomic control

Our automated systems are outstanding for being so user-friendly. Robot management is integrated as part of system management, so all system components and robots can be parametered and controlled. Modifying and optimising programmes takes just a few parameters input, specialist robot knowhow is mostly unnecessary.

Software design and programming

From simulation tools to SPS through to intelligent robot networking and man-machine interaction, our software solutions are tailored to your automation solution. Software tools offer full functionality, for setup, programming, position control, program process functions, diagnostics etc.

With their open architecture, the control systems used can be customised to suit any plant and meet any demands. Robot software is programmed individually to suit the tasks involved. We produce an appropriate, specific parameter set for each product format; clients can then define their own parameter sets and save them independently of other software. Many upgrade options are also available which you can use to make changes/upgrades easily.

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