MOM95- for the efficient interoperability between the business and production level

100% Communication Security
Business and manufacturing understand each other with MOM 95!

They speak a different language: humans and IT-systems at the business level on the one hand, and at the production level on the other hand. KÖHL Manufacturing Operations Management MOM 95 eliminates these “language barriers” with a standard terminology! Communication between the systems becomes consistent and efficient. MOM 95 optimizes the processes with accurate and timely information exchange regardless of size, industry or degree of the company’s automation.

KÖHL Manufacturing Operations Management MOM 95 is ISA-95 compliant. It defines the interface between business and manufacturing with regard to models, activities, and dataflow. The ISA-95 standard consists of 5 parts. The goal of the IT-integration of corporate management (Level 4) with the control systems (Level 2) is the clear definition of system limits and responsibilities that can be applied in all branches of industry.

MOM 95 – easily connects business and production with minimal integration effort.

MOM 95 consists of an object oriented database where complete models are shown according to the current ISA-95 standard. MOM 95 is characterized by the ease and user-friendly handling.

User access to the web-application is realized via standard browser. The integrated user administration controls system configuration and user functionality. The MOM 95-data can be accessed from the defined workflows via service instance (SOA, Service Oriented Architecture). The interface between enterprise and manufacturing level are realized vie Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Manufacturing Service Bus (MSB).

Additional MOM 95 Highlights

  • Standard ISA-95 configurator to specify resources and define products
  • Object-oriented access via Hibernate Technology
  • Business-Process-Suite defines and integrates business processes in the software

MOM 95 - competitive advantages for your enterprise

  • MOM 95 improves communication between business and production thanks to consistent terminology
  • In accordance with the ISA-95 Standard, MOM 95 simplifies production planning and increases productivity
  • MOM 95 increases flexibility in the introduction of new products and systems
  • MOM 95 optimizes system capacity and thus reduces investment costs
  • MOM 95 ensures adherence to the industry standards in terms of production and quality
  • MOM 95 contributes to energy efficiency due to production optimization
  • MOM 95 provides one system for production, maintenance, quality and logistics



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