Energy Management system

Eco.On Energy Management System

In the age of industry 4.0, the goal of an energy management system is the continuous improvement of a company‘s energy performance. Often the energy managers have too little time for the essential task to identify and realize saving potentials. eco.On helps you with the automated collection and evaluation of the energy data you need as a basis for decision-making. In this way, potential savings can be identified and a continuous improvement process according to the PDCA process is made possible.

eco.On is your sustainable and integrated energy management system, which fulfils the requirements of the DIN ISO 50001 standard and following.

eco.On is available everywhere, every time

Clear visualisation and intuitive operation contribute to the user friendliness of eco.On. Communication is “to go” on Smartphone or at the workplace. By automation of information flows, all users from the production level to the CEO can receive their detailed overview of energy consumption and costs at all times.

eco.On – Fast Facts

  • Data acquisition from the entire infrastructure up to manual input
  • Clear presentation of energy consumption data
  • Data acquisition from energy consumption to the entire production process
  • Energy management reports and key figures in real time & historically
  • Finished report templates & own reports with modern graphical design
  • From the machine operator to the CEO:flexible access to the analysis
  • Multilingual operating system
  • Easy integration of existing systems
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